Thank you to our
supporters who
have made
contributions to the
2009 Scholarship,
The Third Annual Girls With Wings™ Scholarship results!

We congratulate the 2009 Scholarship award winner, Kam, on preparing an
essay that met (and exceeded) our requirements. Applications for our $1000
scholarship to be used for flying lessons toward a private pilot's license were
simply to be an essay with photo stating why the applicant believes she is a
role model for Girl With Wings™, to include her motivation, inspirations and
future plans. There was no minimum or maximum length required in the
essays; quality and completeness were key. Kam sent us a well organized
four page long essay documenting her qualifications in the following
categories: The Sources of My Interest, Breaking Barriers, Financial Need,
Community Involvement, and How flying has changed me. You, too, can now
read her full

I wanted to express my appreciation to everyone who applied for the Girls
With Wings scholarship. With seventy-seven applications this year, from pre-
teens to seniors, with goals from aerobatics to missionary work, we certainly
had our work cut out for us choosing just one person to assist financially on
their path to becoming a pilot. Once bitten by the aviation bug, we get the
“disease” of wanting to pursue our pilot’s licenses; unfortunately our
circumstances cannot always meet requirements of time, money and energy.
All of the applicants should be complimented on their effort to seek out a
scholarship to help them achieve their goal. I certainly wish we could award a
scholarship to everyone who deserves it!

How did we decide? Well, the scholarship funds were raised through
donations from those that believe in the mission of Girls With Wings, so it
was only right that we awarded that money to someone who seeks to fulfill
the position of a role model to inspire girls to achieve their potential.
Everyone's love for aviation came through in their essays, that was easy!, so
we had to further scrutinize all of the applicants to pare down the pool of

We initially eliminated those who sent an essay which did not address the
above topics specifically or did not include a photo. We also narrowed down
what we had received by keying in on those who displayed enthusiasm along
with the drive to complete her training.

Again, there was no length required in the essays; we were looking for quality
and completeness. Those who showed their passion and clear goals in
aviation and were currently active with other organizations survived to go
onto the next round. Then we took into account whether the applicant was
already taking advantage of and participating in what Girls With Wings has to
offer to help on a path to becoming a pilot, not just stating an intent to do
so if awarded the scholarship.

Although the essay was the most critical factor, further consideration was
given for correct punctuation, grammar and spelling, and a well written, well
developed essay, as well as for addressing professional courtesies such as
including their full name and contact information and an introduction, as
befitting someone looking to present a good first impression. Pilots must pay
attention to the little details! We also looked to see if that person had a
presence on the web, like in a blog or Facebook (and how posts reflected
upon a potential role model).  In these days of social networking, we wanted
to see who was taking advantage of reaching out to others; because this is a
search for a positive role model, we were looking to see how applicants
represented themselves to the general public.

We ask that all others who applied not see that they were not selected as the
Girls With Wings scholarship winner this year as an indication we thought
they were undeserving.  In fact, I hope that a belief in the GWW mission will
keep all of them involved in the organization to take advantage of our other
resources, like networking with others who so much want them to follow their
dreams.  Everyone can involve themselves in the conversations on the
message board, become a Crewmember to show support for GWW, sign up
for our eZine to keep up to date on our activities, etc. We are always
interested to hear about everyone’s challenges and success. No one has to
feel alone in pursuing a dream in aviation, and you can use your experiences
to make someone else feel like she is not the first. You can still be a GWW
role model!  And, of course, although we will not be supporting you financially
this year, there is always
next year.

Again, thank you for applying for the Girls With Wings scholarship. Everyone
here wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

Lynda Meeks, Founder, Girls With Wings
We use aviation to entertain and educate girls
about their limitless opportunities for personal growth.
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Girls With Wings - Dreams Take Flight!
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