My first flight, I will never forget it was the most incredible experience I’ve
ever had in my entire life.  It was April 20, 2007 the sky was clear, the air
was warm and the sun was shining in Long Island, New York. As I walked
out onto the ramp with my new flight bag, the Clipboard for 232DC, a
preflight checklist, and of course a smile from ear to ear, I knew that this
was what I had to do for the rest of my Life. The flight was as exhilarating
as I had anticipated in my dreams.

My name is Amy T. Blechman. I am 20 years old and also a junior at Dowling
College, majoring in Aviation management with a professional pilot minor.
Anyone who knows me can assure you that I have a deep-rooted passion
for Aviation. I think about it all the time. It is my first thought in the
morning and my last thought as I close my eyes to rest at night. As a little
girl I always dreamt about flying and I was always into things that weren’t
considered “typical” for girls. I am somewhat of a tomboy you can say
because I wasn’t afraid to get dirty or hurt. I have always had the mentality
that anything boys can do girls can do better! I sometimes find myself
watching Discovery Wings or the Military Channel for hours on end. I have
read countless books about flying and now I have a clear picture in my mind
as to what the authors were talking about when they described their flights
because I too have tasted flight. Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t lying when he
said “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes
turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”

I long to return to the sky but I cannot due to financial difficulties. In
September of 2006 my family and I lost our home to the wrath of a vicious
fire. We then hired a contractor to begin rebuilding our home but he turned
out to be a conman who stole over 50 thousand dollars of insurance money
from our family.

So ever since then we have been struggling with keeping up with all living
expenses, my school tuition, my sisters tuition, rent and also a mortgage
on the house that we cannot live in or afford to repair.  My mother is the
primary provider for my family because my father has vasculitis, which led
him to undergo open-heart surgery and also dialysis. Because of this he
cannot work for long periods of time and it is difficult to earn steady pay.

I definitely think that I can be good role model for other young ladies
because I know what its like to struggle and I’m not at all afraid to work
hard in order to attain my goals. As a high school senior I was a peer leader
who worked with freshmen and helped them adapt to life in high school.
This included talks about drug prevention, dealing with peer pressure,
balancing schoolwork and social activities in order to have a productive high
school experience and preparing for college. I also try to spark an interest in
aviation in other people, not just girls, and share with them what a
rewarding, interesting and amazing field it is.

I am so glad to have found Girls with Wings; it is a great website which
unites women who share a passion for aviation and allows a venue for us
women to give each other advice, motivation and also share stories.
Whenever I am feeling insecure about being able to reach my goals I simply
go to the website and I find myself once again motivated and prepared for
the next day and all of the obstacles that stand in the way of reaching my
goal which will one day prove to be well worth the effort.

I would be extremely grateful for the opportunity to be considered for the
Girls With Wings flight training scholarship because I know it would help me
get one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming a pilot. I am positive
that there are many girls out there as deserving, if not more than I, but I
can assure you that no one would show more thanks and appreciation for
your consideration. Thank you for your time!
Interested in applying? See also: 2008 Scholarship Info.
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