Upon receiving notification of winning the scholarship:

Hello Girls With Wings! I am so grateful that I have been chosen as the
2008 Scholarship winner. I am so proud to be a member of such a
prestigious group of women!  I cannot wait to start my training! I plan on
training at my current school, Dowling College, in Long Island, New York.
Thanks to this wonderful organization and Ms. Lynda Meeks I can feel
myself getting closer and closer to achieving my ultimate goal of becoming
a Pilot! This opportunity is a shining example that you and I are not alone,
that there are great people and organizations out there that are willing to
help and who genuinely want to see others succeed, specifically women in
our case! I hope that I can inspire someone else to reach for their dreams
as so many of you, without knowing, have reassured me that I cannot give
up on my mine! “The delay of our dreams does not mean that they have
been denied.” I have waited patiently and am now prepared to give all I
have in order to get the most out of this wonderful opportunity I have
been presented! Here is my chance! I hope to bring you all with me on this
wonderful journey. I am going to try my hardest to make you proud!

And her final thoughts:

The 2008 Girls with Wings Flight Training Scholarship has opened so many
doors for me and refueled my passion for Aviation. I had such a great time
flying this past year! I Learned a lot of new things like How to track VORS
and scary but fun emergency landing procedures! There is no match for
the feeling you get on take-off and the breath taking view you get to
experience! Not too many people get to experience the things that we do
as student pilots, If not for this scholarship I wouldn't have been able to
make advancements in my flight training.I am forever grateful to Lynda
Meeks and Girls with Wings for giving me the opportunity to live my dream!
Good luck to you all in all your future endeavors! Blue Skies!
See Amy's Application for the Scholarship.
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