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My name is Dianna and I live on a large ranch in Texas.  On our ranch we
have a lot of different animals; we have cattle, Arabian horses,
Quarterhorses, Watusi Cattle from Africa, Zebras from Africa and two
camels! Oh, we have three very large dogs too!  

When I was young my father was a pilot and sometimes he would take us up
in the plane.  My father would make it like a fair ride and would make us move
from side to side and up and down in the plane.  We all had to promise not
to tell my mother when we landed what we did while in the airplane!

My husband decided that we should live on an island in the Bahamas.  We
built a house on an island that only had one hundred people on it and no
stores!!  The only way to get to a store was by boat and it took about a half
hour to get there.  Sometimes the water was very bumpy and broke all our
eggs on the way home from the store!  I decided that if I wanted a good egg
at our home I had to learn to fly!  That is when I learned how to fly a
helicopter - I thought that they looked like the most fun.  Pretty soon I flying
everywhere and landing on beaches.  We kept the helicopter at our house
right on the lawn.  After a few years of only flying the helicopter I learned
how to fly a plane and now I have one!  I still have a helicopter too.  When
my husband and I fly the people always talk to him like he is the pilot and ask
him about our plane or helicopter.  I have to tell them - NO, Girls like to fly

I enjoyed learning to fly so much that I started a flight school in Texas. I
have now gotten the local schools to come out and look at our planes and
get to touch the controls or take a ride.  I fly a plane with a jet engine and a
propeller (a turbo prop), a helicopter and a Biplane which was made in 1942
and was my grandfather’s airplane.

I love to fly!  We have a big ranch so we use the helicopter a lot.  We use it
to round up the cows, which make it easy for our cowboys to do their job.  
Sometimes we round up 1,000 cows!  The cowboys talk to me while I am
flying the helicopter with their cell phones to tell me where the cows are
because sometimes they hide in the trees.  I use our plane to take people
who need to go to the hospital and can't afford to pay for an airline ticket.
They get to ride in a big plane and feel like a rock star!  

I like flying so much that now I have a flight school.  It is in our town at the
local airport and our schools are now taking field trips to the airport to look
at airplanes.  We have a lot of people who fly different things where we are
so we try and make sure that everyone gets to take a look at an airplane, a
war plane or helicopter while they are at the airport.

The best part of my flying is taking someone for their first flight.  Sometimes
they just get in and won't talk to me at all!! They just want to look around
and are a little afraid.  Sometimes they get in and just want to have a wild
ride!  The best part is when they get out with a big smile and give me hug
because they had so much fun.

What role do skills in math, science, engineering and technology play
in supporting your job? What training did you undergo getting to
where you are?
When learning to fly it is important to study.  When you
study you learn about what the plane, or helicopter, can do and then you get
to do what you read about.  School is very important to a pilot so always try
and keep your grades up so that you can be the very best pilot you can be.  
Remember GIRL POWER!!

What activities do you suggest for young children or young adults to
prepare them for a career like yours?
What are your future plans? I am
working on a summer camp and curriculum for some of our local schools.  
The schools have been very supportive - need help with materials though -
any ideas?? Visit me at
Using aviation to entertain
and educate girls about
their limitless
Using aviation to entertain
and educate girls about
their limitless
Using aviation to entertain
and educate girls about
their limitless