USAF Officer and Pilot

Hello! My name is Kimberly Russo and I live in NY on Long Island. I was
always fascinated with flying and as far back as I can remember I looked
forward to the flight on every vacation as much as the vacation itself! I even
used to videotape and take pictures out the window.

A few years ago I decided that following a my dream to fly, however distant,
would be easier than not following it at all, and in stumbling across the GWW
website I was provided with invaluable information from other women pilots
on what my options were. This was important because at the time, I didn't
have any immediate family members or friends who flew. With little
hesitation, I began researching opportunities in the USAF Air National Guard
while working towards my private pilot's license.  I received my commission
as 2nd Lieutenant from the Academy of Military Science last year and recently
received my pilot's license in Alabama at Shoreline Aviation. I have been very
lucky there to have been able to work with some of the most experienced
and talented in the industry. I will begin instrument/commercial training soon
and hopefully add a floatplane rating on as well!

I have been lucky to have found so much support and encouragement from
others. I have many friends and mentors who keep me motivated and who I
look up to...this is very vital if you want to accomplish something big. It's
important to have others around you whose accomplishments you respect
and admire and whose footsteps to follow in...and that's exactly what you
will find among these amazing women!

One of the things I love most about flying is that it strikes a unique balance
between hard work, commitment, overcoming your fears, and having tons
of fun - all at the same time. When you fly, you are challenged intellectually,
physically and emotionally. It's important to respect each one of these
attributes in order to optimize your success. Interestingly, you will find that
focusing on each one of these qualities will not only make you a better pilot
but also enhance other areas of your life and you will happily find yourself
with an increased level of confidence.

For me, joining the Air Force and flying airplanes has been an extremely
rewarding experience. I encourage anyone who has an passion for flying to
give it a try, whether you have a long term goal of a career or you just
want to add something new and exciting to your life. People from all
different backgrounds and walks of life have come together to share this as
a common passion. Obtaining your license and taking to the skies is a not
an easy feat, but like anything else, the tougher the journey the bigger the
reward. Whatever is calling you in life, pursue it and don't let others
opinion's stop you...take the first step in faith. If flying is your thing, come
join the Girls With Wings...we are here to help!
Using aviation to entertain
and educate girls about
their limitless
Using aviation to entertain
and educate girls about
their limitless
Using aviation to entertain
and educate girls about
their limitless
Kim and her roommate.
Kim's parents pin on her
2LT rank.
Wait for the video to load, and then watch Kim on her solo ride! Kim has
been training for her pilot's license and her instructor gave her the ok to fly
by herself May 26th, 2007. I'm so proud of her - as is her instructor,
Paul, -
and listen to the tower controller say "Nice job, Kim!"
Kim's platoon during the
parade ceremony.
Lynda administering the
Oath for the State of
New York.
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