Instructor Pilot

Hi, my name is Lindsey and I am a Flight Instructor and future Airline Pilot.  
I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, went to college at The University of
North Dakota in Grand Forks, and did a bundle of flying around the
Hawaiian Islands before moving back home to Minnesota.  Right Now I live
with my cat, Maverick and am in the hiring pool at Mesaba Airlines.

I grew up under my dad’s wing observing his work.  My dad is an engineer
and designs avionics (all the fancy instruments that help make an airplane
fly).  He taught me how airplanes fly when I was in the 4th grade for my
science fair project, and took me up flying with a work friend in the years
before that.  I was hooked, but just didn’t quite understand why there
wasn’t a radio with music in the airplane!

Then, in 6th grade, I was told that girls could not fly airplanes while I was
at school.  I was crushed!  So I went home and told my mom what I had
learned from a boy classmate.   My mom then signed me up for my very
first flight lesson the next weekend.  Then, in 8th grade I joined the Boy
Scouts Explorapost – Aviation.  This club allowed me to explore aviation
even more and continue my motivation to fly, leading me to obtain my
private pilot’s license during high school.

Throughout my middle school and high school years I worked hard to save
my money by doing lots of babysitting and working small jobs as a
restaurant hostess and towel girl at a local health club.  I knew that flying
was expensive and I wasn’t sure how I would pay for it.  But no matter
what the cost, I could never imagine doing anything else with my life.  

The most important thing I did to save money was focus on school.  By
being well balanced, I was able to apply for several scholarships.  I created
a balance for myself by getting good grades, but most importantly being
involved in sports and other organizations, including plenty of volunteer

Many students lose their involvement in college and focus only on their
studies and gaining flight time.  Don’t be fooled though! While I did flight
instruct private, instrument, multi-engine, and MEI students during my
junior and senior years of college, I still made sure to find time for
extracurricular activities.  It is important to continue to stay involved in
college.  Being involved will help you to build a resume for more scholarship
applications and jobs after college.  

During my college experience I received leadership experience from my
sorority, Alpha Phi, and The UND Flying Team.  The UND Flying Team was
an AWESOME experience that reminded me of my love for flying during my
hard work and studying.  On the other hand, Alpha Phi kept me providing
to the community and reminded me that I could still be a girly-girl and fly
airplanes!  Don’t ever forget who you are.  Don’t be afraid of being
different; be yourself AND be a pilot!
This is my first flight
lesson, given to me at
age 12 by my parents.  
This was after a boy at
school told me girls
can't fly.  He was wrong!
Using aviation to entertain
and educate girls about
their limitless
Using aviation to entertain
and educate girls about
their limitless
Using aviation to entertain
and educate girls about
their limitless
This is a picture of me
with the tire of an A330 at
NWA during my internship
with the A330 Training
I am only three years old
here riding along on an
airplane ride.  I loved
airplanes at even this age
and always took the front
seat while my brother got
the back.
This is the coolest airport
that I have EVER flown
into:Kalaupapa Airport on
the island of Moloka'i.
This is me landing in
Hana, Maui with my flight
instructor on a lesson.  
weekend to camp with
other flight students and
their instructors.
Involvement with organizations during college is very important, especially
ones that keep you giving back to the community.  This was Bid Day (The day
I joined Alpha Phi) during my freshman year.  Get involved and stay involved!
This is me saying "Wassup"
to a nearby teammate
during flying team practice.
The UND Flying Team after our
Regional Competition in St. Cloud,
MN.  In the middle of the
competing team is Allison and I,
who are the only girls… we did just
as good as the guys!
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At the end of the school
year I went in to my
mom's second grade class
for paper airplane day;
answered questions, and
taught them how to make
paper airplanes.
One of my favorite views
when flying in Hawaii,
which is where I earned
my multi-engine rating.  I
really didn't have a
reason for flying in HI
besides wanting to.  
Follow your heart!
Young girls encouraged
to take their dreams to
the skies
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