It has now been 8 months since I received GWW scholarship, and about 5
months since I started flying. Winning the GWW scholarship really helped
me get back on that runway! As soon as I received my check I knew I could
start flying again right away knowing that I can fly while still saving up
some of my own money for further training. If it wasn't for the scholarship
I would have still been sitting in my room dreaming about flying and being
scared of not being able to fly because of money. Yes, money is the issue
in my case. As we all know, flight training can cost thousands of dollars!!!!
But because of this scholarship I was pushed to get back out there and
finish what I started! After training for almost two months....I was short
on money again. But I knew that this time I was not going to stop again. I
was really encouraged by Lynda to keep going, and I was really motivated
by everyone who wrote to me in the GWW forum about my flying. I am a
girl of her words, and as I told everyone, I will keep going no matter what it
takes! Winning the scholarship portrayed me as a role model to young girls
with dreams just like me, and now I really want to prove that it is possible
to fulfill your dreams no matter what! Some of you may already know that I
crammed myself with two jobs so that I could afford my flying lessons, and
that is a sacrifice I love doing for the love of flying. So far I have logged in
31.6 hours and close to soloing. Even though my training is going really
slow, I think that what matters now is that I don't give up, unfortunately
flying once a week is all I could afford for now. But, "slow and steady wins
the race" right! More than anything, I feel like I have experienced a lot
throughout my training which I think will carry out towards becoming a
better future pilot. I am REALLY thankful towards Lynda for the great help
she gave me, she might not understand, but it REALLY helped me out. I'm
not talking only financially, I'm talking emotionally and mentally. I feel more
prepared and encouraged to do what I love to do and to show others that
dreams do come true. I have also learned a lot from her, she made it clear
to me that no one is perfect... I can have more or less horrible landings
than a Professional Pilot, everyone makes mistakes. I have also learned that
if you have the money to make it easier for thankful and work as
hard as if you didn't have the money, and if you don't have the strong, enjoy it and have fun as if you did have the money.
Bottom line is that if you are doing something you love don't have
worries.... just have fun.

I would like to thank Lynda Meeks for making it happen, and my parents for
being there every step of the, downs, smiles and frowns.

-Brenda Alarcon-
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