Mar 21:

Yesterday I finished with half of my midterms and it feels so good to say
that I am on Spring Break! I am about to start driving home to Los
Angeles and will be seeing my parents and relatives!!! I'm excited, school
has been though and stressful and I'm getting this little vacation. Away
from work and school. However, I do have an accounting midterm when I
come back from spring break so I will be studying over my little vacation.
As for my flying, I am thinking about joining another flying club that might
be more comfortable  to afford. The Flying-20's is a non-profit organization
for San Jose state University that have plane rentals for students for a
cheaper price and instructors for $25/hr. It's the cheapest there is, so I
decided to take advantage of it! As club members, we would have to
participate on monthly plane washes to maintain the planes. I will begin
flying with the Flying-20's as soon as I get back from spring break. I'm

I hope everyone has a great Easter and great week.
Brenda is the 2007 Girls With Wings Scholarship Winner.
She will journal her pilot's license progress here.
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Feb 26:
Today should be an exciting day! My classmates from my ATC class and I will
be going on a little fieldtrip to tour the Oakland Center in Fremont (see a
visual depiction). I am looking forward to this little adventure. I will make sure
to take many pictures if any are possible! The weather is clearing up nicely up
here in the bay area which means that I will start scheduling some flight class
and my aviation management class, all the other classes are other than
aviation, therefore I have a hard time staying focused in them! I just got out
of my accounting exam, tomorrow I will have my aviation management exam,
with the books! But this evening at Fremont should be something out of the
ordinary, took the day off work and closed my books to attend the tour. I will
keep you posted on how the evening goes.
Feb 27:
was amazing to find out that they had soooo much responsibility in their
hands! and so much pacific ocean area to cover! Right before we got there
radios or take pictures! There was an area that we were able to take pictures
but without flash, I have a couple pictures but they are dark and blurry I will
My visit to the Oakland center in Fremont was so much fun and interesting! It
attach them either way. It ws a really interesting environment, it was almost
like being in the movie "Pushing Tin"! I had a great time, the people were
amazing and it was a learning experience that served me well for my ATC quiz
this morning.
ATC: Air Traffic Control

Oakland Center is an
(Air Route Traffic Control

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Mar 4:
Yesterday was my first time back up in the sky.....and it was awesome! As
soon as I had to do the pre-flight everything started coming back to me are
flying in a Cessna-152. I love that plane! The first take off we made was a
little complicated, but we made a second attempt and it turned out perfectly!
It was smooth and with the right take off angle. We practiced climb, was
telling that I was doing well and that I just need a little more practice
descending; which brings me to the final drill during my lesson: landing. Oh
boy! I need do to some improvement on that. But like my instructor said, I
am here to learn. Apparently as we approach for our landing, I was way too
high! So, we had to cut our power down to a thousand RPM in order to get
lower and closer to the runway. We eventually did. I learned a lot yesterday,
I learned how to properly use the rudders during take offs and
landings....apparently its not the same as taxiing! I going again. My next
lesson is scheduled on Thursday at 1500hrs. Looking forward to it.
I would really like to include
the flight school that I am at
Reid Hillview Airport
(RHW),which turns out to be
where I work. One of the
owners, Mike McClelland, is a
great supporter and believes
that I can make it. He wants
to see me achieve,
therefore, he has offered to
help me out a little more
later into my flying in the
future if I work hard and do
well in my flying. My
instructor, Dean White, is
someone else I would really
love to thank, he is putting
effort into teaching me the
right things for flying and
gives me great support. For
these two I am thankful
(even though they punk me
around sometimes at work!).
Mar 7:

So I had my second lesson up in the sky yesterday and just like the first
one it was awesome! and I learned so much! We worked on pattern work:
taking off, making a turn, climbing, and then going back down to final
approach. My take-offs are going really well as well as taxiing in the ground.
I only have trouble descending and landing. I had previously always needed
help with my landings by my instructor, there was one landing that I almost
had it! But I didn't, I hit the landing strip a little hard so my instructor had
to take over. I was so close. I learned that even if I would have had that
landing it wouldn't mean that I got landings down and set. I learned that
even if I make perfect landing 9 times in a row I would not be a pro at
landing if I mess up on the 10th time. Flying takes a lot of practice and
dedication, and I am willing to do all this. Because the feeling I get from
flying and learning is priceless. It was a great lesson learned. My next flight
is scheduled for Sunday. I will be learning ground references and I think I
might be doing stalls. I will journal my next lesson and let you all know
exactly what I learned.
Mar 10:

So, yesterday I had another lesson. A lot was cover, I practiced turns
around a point, "s" turns around a railway track, emergencies, and power
on/off stalls. I was surprised, but I must flying was very smooth
and went very well. I did great in all of these categories. Turning around a
point was pretty easy, only that at first I thought that all I had to do was
point the wing to the point but it's not that simple. When turning around a
point I had to focus on staying on the same altitude all the way around and
on keeping the same distance all the way around (radius). To do so, I
changed my bank turn by making it shallow when I was facing crosswind.
During the "s" turns I had to make sure I kept the wings straight and level
while crossing the railway and as soon as I passed over them I began my
turn in a "s" pattern. I learned what to do in case of engine failure, I flew
over a clear field in which I could be able to land in case of an emergency and
what to do. I think I had the most fun during power on/off stalls. We
practiced this by keeping the nose up until the plane came to a stall, as if it
didn't want to fly anymore. During a power off stall was the scariest part
because there was no power and the plane seemed as if it was just going to
fall off the sky! It was intense, lots of fun! I learned that if my plane were to
ever stall during a power off I have to push the nose down and put some
power in it. I might have just covered a few things I learned....but it gives
you an idea. This is pretty much the highlights of my lesson. I came to a
with everyday flying skills. Like traffic pattern from my previous lesson, turns
around a point and "s" turns can really help me in controlling the plane.
Because that's what it's all about: to control the plane and not have the
plane control you!
Mar 16:

My attendance to the WAI (Women In Aviation, International) conference in
San Diego was an experience of a lifetime. It was a fun and interactive
learning experience. Women from all over the world gathered in beautiful
southern California in the city of San Diego, all sharing the same interest:
aviation. My school chapter and I were very thrilled to meet new people and
learn more, and that is exactly what we got in this experience. There were
so many great speakers and many touching and inspirational stories to
hear. I came to realize that every single women (and some men) has an
amazing story telling how they came about where they are now in their
career paths in aviation. I learned that EVERYONE has a hard time and
overcomes it with the passion of flying. I learned that we can all understand
each other and that if we need help all we have to do is ask. It was an
amazing weekend and there are soooo many things to list! But I decided to
keep it simple and I will plug in any other experience from the conference
throughout my flight training. But I must say, it was such an honor to meet
Lynda Meeks at the conference. We had dinner together and I also met Kim
Russo who is very much involved in Girls With Wings. Both these women
are truly role models. I see passion for flying in their eyes and no matter
the difference in flying experience.....I know exactly what that passion feels
like. We spoke about my progress in my flight training and about how well it
has been going and we shared some experiences in our flying and in the
aviation industry itself. I enjoyed meeting Lynda and Kim and all their
friends....all great people. Thank you Lynda for having me for dinner and it
was really nice meeting you all.
Me and the rest of SJSU's
WIA chaper at the luncheon
Lynda and I in front of the
GWW stand
At the banquet
The food at the banquet
was great, but the desert
was even better!
Me and Debbie in front of
our hotel room
Me, Debbie, and Nikki from
Hmbolt State University
Our entire group from san
jose state university and
great supporters for our
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April 6:

Spring break was awesome, despite the fact that I still had to study for
some midterms, at least I got to hangout with my family and friends. I had
previously mentioned about joining the flying 20's but as soon as I told my
manager he told me to stay at Squadron 2 and that he can work
something out with the AC rental price. I decided to stay flying out of
Squadron 2, but with an instructor from the Flying 20's for now. I had a
ground lesson with him and  he seems to be a very strict instructor! But I
take that as a good thing! He has me studying on my own so that once we
are up in the air I know what I am doing and that way we don't waste
anytime in the air going over every single detail. I will be going up in the air
with some knowledge. Looking forward to more flying!
April 13:

It is so hot in San Jose! It has been really hot this entire weekend. But
that means there's clear skies, which also means nice flying! I just got
back from my flying lesson and it was great. My instructor said he was
"impressed". That made me happy! We did slow flying in which I pulled the
power all the way out to idle and I kept the same altitude while turning. I
also practiced a little bit of stalls and steep turns! Those were fun! I had to
make 45 degree turns on both ways and kept the nose up because the
nose tends to go down during a turn. I also had to turn back to my
original heading and still have maintained my altitude. It was great! I was
being clumsy this morning....I spilled my Orange juice on myself, and
tripped a couple of times and and bruised my pinky while pushing the plane
out with the tow bar, so now I have a big fat bruised funny looking pinky!
ouch! But you know what, I love was part of flying. I showed off my
bruised pinky to everyone at the flying club, haha, I was proud of my
bruise! I woke up at 8am (which is REALLY early for me) to get to the
airport and get prepared before my scheduled lesson which was at instructor has me do weight and balance EVERY time we go up
flying, and I can see that I do get better at it as I do it more often. I
concluded that the reason why I was being so clumsy this morning was
because I didn't get enough sleep! Sleep is SO IMPORTANT! The reason
why I didn't get enough sleep was because last night I worked an 8 hour
shift over night at the mall, ended up getting out at 4am this morning
and.....I slept for about 4 hours in total. I'm glad though, that even
though I was being clumsy the entire morning I was able to focus on what
I was doing while flying. It was fun...but now I'm going to take a nap
because tonight is another long night at the mall. I would like to
hear any
stories from anyone about a clumsy day, I'm sure it happens often....
April 19:

As for me I’m closing up on the last few weeks of school. As for my flight
training, I have a lot to learn! I had a lesson yesterday; it was exciting I
practiced stalls and stall recoveries, turning stalls, power on stalls and
power off stalls. I became more proficient with all that as well as steep
turns and slow flight. I continue practicing on radio calls and becoming
familiar with local frequencies and I think I've got the hang of it! I feel
great with the improvements that I am doing. However, there is a lot I
need to learn! Including: aerodynamics, power plant, electrical systems,
fuel and fuel systems. My instructor wants me know me a professional!
Therefore he insists that I know everything about the plane I fly and how
it all functions so that I can be prepared for my check ride date. I take his
advice by using my resources to learn. Here at work I check out what the
mechanics are doing in the hangar and start asking questions about how
everything works. While I am working at the desk I read ground school
textbooks and I want to watch some videos as well. My instructor tells me
that it would be better for me to know my stuff before I get up in the air
so that we won’t have to waste time on him explaining everything step by
step and that way I could be ahead if I do ground during my own time!
The weather as been so great up here in San Jose, flying is the perfect
thing to do.
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